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Amelia DeArnise, 17 Empty Amelia DeArnise, 17

Post by Amelia DeArnise on Sat May 21, 2011 6:41 am

Amelia DeArnise, 17 Victor10
Full Name: Amelia Imogen DeArnise
Nickname: Lia, Amy, whatever else people invent.
Sex: Female
Age: Looks 17, actually 42
Species: Angel

- Rain
- Heat and warmth
- Forests
- The Skies.

- Being underground
- Evil
- Needless fighting
- Enclosed spaces

History: Amelia was born to Nathaniel DeArnise (Angel) and Nalia DeArnise (Demon) She has no brothers or sisters to her knowledge, and she tends to stick to herself, though that is mostly because she has yet to really talk to many people. She can be slightly hyperactive at times though, and that usually leads to her being clumsy. She has a serious head though, and she knows that she can't always be silly, but otherwise she tends to be quiet but knows when to be calm and be ready for action. She agrees with the methods of the Angel's leader (Melody LumiƩre) and hopes that they can put an end to the suffering and strife caused by the evil demons, however, with her mother still being alive, she worries of what some of her actions may cause, and what effects it may have upon everything around her.

Family: Nathaniel DeArnise, Angel, Father, 38
Nalia DeArnise, Demon, Mother, 37

Relationships: She doesn't have any relationships. As for friendships, she isn't quite certain herself.
Amelia DeArnise
Amelia DeArnise

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