An Arranged Meeting

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An Arranged Meeting

Post by Rayzr Summerton on Sat May 21, 2011 9:27 pm

Rayzr sat on the couch in the main room, near naked leopards laid all around him. Wereleopards were like kittens, wanting to just be close to people. However wolves were just like leopards, the need to be naked was in their genes, it just came naturally. Rayzr however was having a meeting with another species leader and requested that his leopards be slightly more modest as they were entertaining.

"Ms. Roth... We didn't discuss you bringing others into our territory." He said, a polite smile on his lips as he felt a wereleopard wrap his hand around his leg. "However we understand your need for a bodyguard and are happy to welcome Mr. Evans into our home." He said. "Please do not feel offended when we revoke your entrance into your territory after your leaving."

Rayzr held out his hand and a glass of red wine appeared being held by an older leopard. His glass matched the two the vampires held, while theirs was blood, his was a vintage red wine, beautifully crafted. "Seeing as you've requested this meeting Ms. Roth, I'm guessing we are here to talk about the puppies and their necessity to... piss... on everything they think is theirs?" He asked and smirked as some of his leopards tensed.

"As you know, my daughter is a wolf, a younger wolf so she is still rebelling. She will fight against me and I do not wish that of my relationship with her." He said and smiled, kissing one of his newer leopards hands as it slid around his neck. The new boy was very shy and had been bullied in school. He'd met Rayzr at a GSA meeting outside of school and had begged Rayzr to take his life. Rayzr told him he never killed, he only helped. Two hours later the boy had 'leopard fever' and was turning into the leopard he'd forever be.

The leopard king touched the males hand and drew his eyes back to the vampire. They glinted yellow in the moonlight and his smile softened slightly. If anyone understood that the wereleopards were fighters, it was NOT the vampires. The wereleopards seemed weak, with their posture and graceful steps. But their strength made up for it, and their gracefulness helped in fights. The vampires relied on old blood, old powers, they thought little to nothing of the little wereleopards... so why were they here?
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