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Cassidy Raine, 19 Empty Cassidy Raine, 19

Post by Cassidy Raine on Sat May 21, 2011 9:58 pm

Cassidy Raine, 19 Dianna+agron
Full Name:Cassidy Elizabeth Raine
Nickname: Cass, Cassie, Cassy-Wassy
Sex: female
Age: 19
Species: Angel

- Happiness
- peace
-rainy days
-the stars
-Garrett Noir,

- fighting and arguing
-people who judge others

Cassidy Elizabeth Raine was born by Castiel and Monica Raine on Feb.14th on a cold and snowy day that's also known a Valentine's day. Cassidy is the youngest out of the Raine siblings and the only girl out of the siblings as well. Wishing she had a sister Csssidy became best friends with Melody Lumiére a fellow angel who she treats like an older sister to her. Cassidy been a very loyal servant to the angels since she was little girl her father and mother taught her everything she knows. When Cassidy was very little her mother got killed by a demon while fighting the the angel and demon battle. Cassidy her father and brothers walk the earth as nornal "humans" but they come to help whenever needed.
Family: father-Castiel Raine(Angel)
mother-Moncia Raine(died in battle when she was young and was demon)
brother-Gabriel Raine(21 demon)
brother-Andrew Raine(22 angel)
brother- Lucas Raine(24 demon)

Relationships: Melody Lumiére-childhood best friend
Cassidy Raine
Cassidy Raine

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