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Lauren Saharah, 27 Empty Lauren Saharah, 27

Post by Lauren Saharah on Sun May 22, 2011 5:41 am

Full Name: Lauren Louise Saharah
Nickname: Lauren
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Species: Magickal (leader)

- Sweets
- Rain
- Magic

- Being confined
- Bright colours that conflict
- Vampires

Lauren had always been a very gifted child, and she had mastered her magic much more quickly then those around her, but still not fast enough to save her parents. They had been captured by rogue vampires looking for a quick snack, but when she tried to use her powers it only caused them to mock her. Very soon after that, her sister had disappeared from their shared bed and Lauren hadn't been able to find her since. She blames the vampires for everything that had happened to her and uses her skills to take them out one at a time and anyone else that stands in her way. She uses her telekinesis to catch them off guard and she has the ability freeze time for small amounts of time.

Family: Father- Wesley Saharah, Mother- Ashlee Finch
Brother- Liam Saharah, Sister- Mia Saharah

Relationships: (Friends and dating)
Lauren Saharah
Lauren Saharah
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