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Full Name:
Dyten Jasper Gryn

Dy, DJ, Grinner.




- Women
- Action/fighting Vampires/other races and teaching lessons to people with his fists.
- Sleeping on his own or with someone else.
- Reading good books in front of the fire/relaxation.
- Spending time at the children's hospital, he likes to make the kids smile.
- Pizza
- Non human phasing Animals.

- Being made a fool of or being disrespected by punks who think they know how to control him.
- Being told what to do by those who have a lesser status than what he is but is open to ideas/suggestions within reason.
- Finding his bed cold at night.
- Carrots and other orange foods.

Dyten Gryn's history is unknown or cannot be reported on at this current point in time, researchers are trying to find answers.




~ Leaves the manor with the permission of Rick to take a holiday, he travels the countryside gathering up information on the enemy and their plans for roughly a year. He took down Harold Gyer, a large male werewolf that was causing riots and threatening to spill the werewolf secret to the mortals. He turned Rogue during that year, being seperated from the pack and their telepathic links. He was able to create a few wolves to keep an eye on things in L.A.

~ He encounters Annalise, Vampire Queen, on multiple occasions. They fight and come out at near death, it was said to part ways and get back up when really it was all a fun way to needle information out of one another.

~ Dyten is recovering from the attack in the Come and Go house, a retreat for rogues if they knew about it. A demon by the name of Leander stumbles in and collapses, one thing comes to another and they end up doing the dirty in the shower. Dyten awoke to find Leander missing, he swears and felt like he was used before morphing into his wolf form and on a mission to hunt down rogues that needed to be killed.

~ He returns home and is caught by the youngsters (new werewolves to the manor), he meets Elle and is rather rude to her while starting a fight with Owen unintentionally. Rick appears and the trio communicate, Dyten phased back into his human form while standing naked on the front lawns of the manor. Rick and Dyten went to Rick's room, discussing the past year and the information found out.

~ He tells Elle that night that she shouldn't let her disability stop her from being who she is, that she should stand up for herself amongst the other pack members and that Dyten would protect her. He had a Rogue fit earlier that night, it laster for hours. He broke a vase and smashed it on the floor, he fell asleep on it and punctured his back.
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