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Bailey Ryder, 24 Empty Bailey Ryder, 24

Post by Bailey Ryder on Mon May 23, 2011 8:05 am

Full Name: Bailey Ryder
Nickname: Depends who wants to know.
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Species: Human (Hunter)

-Being in control.
-Real Hunters... the ones with guts.

-Anyone standing in her road.
-Killers from other species.
-Losing any of her hunters.

History: Bailey was raised by her father and his sister along with the other hunters. She has trained hard over her life, and expects every other hunter to be training as hard and determinedly as she has. Her mother was killed in a fight when she was younger, and her father met the same fate almost 2 decades later. Bailey has now taken over her father's role as the Hunters' leader, and though she is young, her years of training, determination and experiences make up for the lack of age. She is determined to do her parents proud and get justice for their deaths.

- Father: Jonathan Ryder (Hunter Leader ; deceased)
- Mother: Rebecca Ryder (nee White) (deceased)
- No siblings.

Relationships: (Friends and dating)

Bailey Ryder

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