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Post by Rayzr Summerton on Fri May 20, 2011 11:48 pm

Kill Rating List:
† - They could trip and kill themselves.
†† - A monkey could kill them with a wrench.
††† - Takes no planning, but a good gun
†††† - Planning and some effort.
††††† - Good luck!

The Vampires
Oldest Known Age: 764
Kill Rating: †††††
How To Kill: Fire and vampire bites, werewolves can rip their heads off and burn them.

The vampires are born out of blood of other vampires, given to babies still in the womb. To kill a vampire they must be bitten by a younger vampire and then burned. Vampires tend to be pale and can only live off blood of someone of their own sex. During the day, they avoid the sun because it gives them rashes, so they just choose that time to sleep. They don't DIE like all the stories, and they don't glitter either.

The Werewolves
Oldest Known Age: 145
Kill Rating: ††††
How to kill: Silver, lots and lots of silver but if bitten by a Vampire, their venom slows the werewolf systems long enough to either rip their heads off or stake them through the heart with a silver stake.

The werewolves were vicious attackers, since the beginning... they haven't changed. At all. They are quick to temper, quick to fight, and quick to bite. They think of themselves as 'monsters' and can't find ways to live with themselves. They are turned into wolves by any scratch or bite during life, they can't be born. If a wolf child is born, it will kill itself on it's first new moon. The wolves must turn on full moons but they can turn whenever they like. They are fine afterwards though, newborns will experience fatigue after each turn.

The Wereleopards
Oldest Known Age: 46 (they've only been around for 50 years...or so...)
Kill Rating: ††
How to kill: Silver, bleeding out, etc.

The wereleopards are a more graceful species, gentle, dance-like people.They didn't like to start wars but they were getting aggravated living beneath the werewolves shadows. They are born through blood and scratches, easily born and easily killed. They must turn on full moons but they can turn whenever they like. They are wiped out afterwards though.[/i]

The Angels And The Demons
Oldest Known Age: 100
Kill Rating: ††††
How to kill: Mortals... But they can disappear whenever they like...

The angels and demons are well known enemies however they rely on each other. The demons can't disappear unless it's night and they are very sneaky. They con people into helping them. The angels can only disappear during the day, and have an urge to help anyone. They help each other, but they hurt each other. Demons don't want 'charity' they want 'loyalty and power'. Angels just want happiness. They are both born when angels and demons mate, fate decides whether they get 'wings' or 'horns', which are just birth marks. Wings are a white birthmark on the back, horns are small black birthmarks, generally hidden in the hair and unseen.

The Magickal
Oldest Known Age: About 125
Kill Rating: †
How to kill: They are mortals. You don't really HAVE to kill them. They die all the time in accidents... They do stay unnaturally healthy though.

The magickal ones are humans with talents. They may be gifted seers, empaths, telekinetic and telepathic people. Some can cause people to choke by glaring, some can turn people 'heated' or horny. They are born as humans, live as humans, and must find means of life as humans.

The Hunters
Oldest Known Age: About 125
Kill Rating: ††
How to kill: They are humans, but they are warriors. They've trained to stay alive... kind of.

The hunters are the humans who see all other species as 'different' and think they will be the end of the human race. The hunters are exactly like humans, they just generally have an entire armory in their basements.

The Rogues
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