Luxana Vayne, 24

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Luxana Vayne, 24 Empty Luxana Vayne, 24

Post by Luxana Vayne on Mon May 23, 2011 1:47 pm

Full Name: Luxana Vayne
Nickname: Lux
Sex: Female
Age: 24 (really 712)
Species: Vampire

- Rain
- Blood
- Pain

- Heroes
- Light
- Girl

History: Luxana was born to extreme wealth and was succumbed to being spoiled, her parents set her up with an arranged marriage and she eloped to a secret lover. Even behind closed doors, words spread, her husband found out about her romance and killed her lover in front of her, enraged with anger she went out to the cold harsh midnight. She was embraced by a gentleman who only wanted one thing from her, her blood. Within seconds her body went cold and her lifeless body laid on the cold ground, before moments of death she was turned into a blood sucking parasite known as a vampire. She went back to her mansion just to murder her husband the same way he had killed her true love.

Family: Garen Vladmir (Husband) Deceased
Lilian and Jarvan Vayne (Parents) Deceased

Relationships: (Friends and dating)
Luxana Vayne
Luxana Vayne

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