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Aiden Chevalier, 25 Empty Aiden Chevalier, 25

Post by Aiden Chevalier on Tue May 24, 2011 1:12 am

Full Name: Aiden Matthew Chevalier
Nickname: *whatever people come up with*
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Species: Magickal

- Rain (Especially thunderstorms)
- Being outside
- Magic
- Spicy food

- Sweets
- Being cooped up indoors
- Rude people


Aiden was orphaned at the tender age of seven with his older brother thanks to a bunch of hungry vampires who had seen his parents and sister as a snack. He was saved thanks to an Angel who interfered, but he never learned the Angel's name because his brother took him away as fast as possible, without even turning to thank the Angel. He grew up and trained to use his telekinetic and telepathic powers under his brother and their Leader, Lauren Saharah.

Mom: Michelle Parker-Chevalier
Dad: Kurt Chevalier
Sister: Iris Chevalier
Brother: Jonathan Chevalier (30)

Best friend: Jonathan Chevalier
Aiden Chevalier
Aiden Chevalier

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