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Post by Malina Faye on Tue May 24, 2011 10:28 pm

Malina Faye, 21 002

Full Name: Malina Faye
Nickname: Lena, Lin
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Species: Magickal

- learning new spells
- wild life
- cats
- sais

- crows
- most creatures of the night
- fish
- grapefruit

History: Malina never had a terribly depressing childhood, but she knew the risks of living in a world where creatures dominated. So she worked hard to hone the magic she was gifted with; practicing relentlessly her skills in telekinesis and manipulation over the weather. She picked up on the telekinesis pretty quickly and has even mastered moving large loads without much added strain. It is the manipulation of the weather that she still has trouble with and she loses her concentration at times, which allows the weather to become chaotic and out of control. With the assistance of others she hopes to master that skill, to better protect her kind.

Family: Tyler Faye (father), Serena Faye (mother - deceased)

Relationships: (Friends and dating)
Malina Faye
Malina Faye

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