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Ethan Shawk, 19 Empty Ethan Shawk, 19

Post by Ethan Shawk on Wed May 25, 2011 1:19 pm

Full Name: Ethan Albert Shawk
Nickname: Eth, E
Sex: Male
Age: 345, looks like a 19 yeared old human
Species: Vampire

- Blood
- Women
- Music
- Photography
- Smoking

- Dust
- Narrow minded people
- Not getting what he wants
- Werewolves

History: Ethan was born in Russia and had a great life until he turned 19. He had a nice childhood and a great adolescence, but for his 19th birthday his parents gave him as a present a trip to Siberia. He went there with his parents and his girlfriend, Janis. The first three days everything went amazing, but the third night he got lost into a Siberian forest. The last thing he remembers is the bright of two sharp fangs moving towards him. A vampire bit him, just not till death. When he woke up the next morning he felt hungry, blood hungry so he got back where his family was and without hesitation, he killed all of them. When he realized what he did he decided to move away, far away.

A month ago and not sure how, he was installed in the center of Chicago in a small flat where he had lived till nowadays. After a few harsh meetings he hates werewolves, even he really does not mind much other creatures while they let him in peace, he knows everyone is in war but he's not much of a fighter, he just prefers to stuck his arse at home and look out the window what's happening. Anyways, werewolves are something above him, he can't stand them...neither their wet dog smell.

Family: Robert Shawk & Anna Shawk (both murdered when he was turned into a vampire)

Relationships: (Friends and dating)
Ethan Shawk
Ethan Shawk

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