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Post by Dante Belafonte on Fri May 27, 2011 1:51 am

Dante Belafonte, 20 JosephGL
Dante Belafonte, 20 JosephGL3

Full Name: Dante Belafonte
Nickname: Dante
Sex: Male
Age: 20 years old
Species: Angel

- Sweet foods, Soups, Candies, Chocolate, Pop Rock Music,
- Jokes, Happy, Cute People, Surprises, Singing
- Animals, Clothes, Taking Baths, Exercise

- Acrid Smells, Vegetables, Frying, Metal Music
- People who are too Serious, Death, Sadness
- Work, War

History: His father was Gabriel and was birthed by the demon Lilith, through an unholy conception. Fate gave him wings for birthmarks, and the angels were forced to keep him. An inherently good child, he was shunned because of his bastardization, and was charted as a lower class angel. He serves as a messenger of small, unimportant messages, and has never scorned anyone despite his status.

Family: Gabriel and Lilith

Relationships: -
Dante Belafonte
Dante Belafonte

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