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The other side of the pole Empty The other side of the pole

Post by Heidi Ballard on Sat May 28, 2011 1:14 pm

Heidi was doing her usual job as a stripper as many men walked in the club she used her powers to tap into their hate, so far she caused two fist fights over how many dollars they were going to give her. She grinned as she swung on the pole watching the men gawk at her, she bit her lip as she walked off the stage and walked over to the bar. A group of males who were obviously friends whistled at her, she deeply gazed into their eyes "Now which one of you lovely gentlemen would like to buy me a drink?" A rumble of the men jumping towards the counter throwing money at the bartender. She chuckled as she swiped a drink from a guy that was occupied fighting with his soon to be ex buddy. "Oh I love Chaos in the morning."
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