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Post by Anthony Wilson on Sat May 28, 2011 1:46 pm

Full Name: Anthony James Wilson
Nickname: Andy, Anth.
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Species: Magikal (Human)

- Plants, architecture, the color green.
- Pasta, spicy foods, running water.
- Lavender, Vanilla, Ice Cream.

- Smell of decay, sour foods, rough textures.
- Blue eyes, the number 582, Lemons.
- Not knowing things, feeling weak, needing sleep.

History: Anthony was the child of Charlotte and Alexander Wilson, and had learned of his Magikal powers from an early age. He was able to create small shielded areas, and while they used to exhaust him extremely and he would need to sleep for hours afterwards, he eventually became much more controlled with them. His family and himself do not tend to see eye to eye, with Anthony being branded a freak after his father died and Anthony was not able to help him, even with his abilities. After that day however Anthony swore that he would build his abilities until they would be able to protect anyone that he could help.

Family: Charlotte Wilson (neƩ Jackson) Mother, 40.
Alexander Wilson, Father, 43, deceased.

Relationships: (Friends and dating)

(OOC: Later learning healing, and to be able to control an element around (Undecided so far)
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