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Sunao Mikada, 17 Empty Sunao Mikada, 17

Post by Sunao Mikada on Mon May 30, 2011 9:13 am

Full Name: Sunao Mikada
Nickname: Nao (Now)
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Species: Wereleopard

- Boys
- Movies
- Strippers

- Cheap Customers
- Wadded Up Dollars
- Any Water That Isn't Fiji

History: When Sunao moved to Chicago he was 13. He was on the run from his own family whom he'd disgraced by telling them he was gay. He immediately was taken under Rayzr's wing and changed when the boy begged the older man. He worked as a prostitute for awhile, but Rayzr didn't like him getting beaten every once in awhile, so he asked him to strip instead. And so that is what he did, how he was, and what he hated. In truth Sunao wants to be an elementary teacher, but they wont hire a leopard...

Family: Who Cares! He's a stripper, if he had a family, a REAL family, he wouldn't be doing this for a living. His only family are the wereleopards.

Relationships: (Friends and dating)
Sunao Mikada
Sunao Mikada

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