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Melody Lumiére, 25 Empty Melody Lumiére, 25

Post by Melody Lumiére on Sat May 21, 2011 2:09 am

Full Name: Melody Bertille Lumiére
Nickname: Mel, Melly, (insertwhateverpeoplecomeupwithhere)
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Species: Angel (Leader)

- Sweets
- Happiness
- Love
- Children
- Dancing in the rain
- Forests
- Meeting new people

- Thunder and Lightning
- Evil
- Being alone


Melody Bertille Lumiére was born to Andrea Johnson-Lumiére (Demon) and Raphael Lumiére (Angel) on the 25th of August. She was born an only child, much to her dismay, since she's always wanted a sibling. She does, however, have a rather close friend named Cassidy Raine, whom she's known for the better part of her childhood, and has treated like a little sister ever since. She grew up being prepared to take over, and when she was just eighteen, her mother was killed, passing the leadership over to her. She takes her duty as The Leader very seriously, and handles every important matter with an iron fist and a just devoir.

Mother: Andrea Johnson-Lumiére (Angel) Deceased
Father: Raphael Lumiére (Demon)

-Cassidy Raine
Melody Lumiére
Melody Lumiére
Angels Leader

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