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Post by Sophia Robinson on Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:17 pm

Full Name: Sophia Annabelle Robinson
Nickname: Soph, Sophers, Sophy
Sex: straight
Age: 22
Species: Magickal

- the rain
- rebellious boys

-people who talk to much

History:Sophia went to a Muggle Private School intil she found out she was magickal, but it didn't go to swell. Sophia didn't have any friends at her school for everyone thought he was a freak for making thing happen without meaning to with the air. Sophia gotten called to the Headmitress office so many times that they expelled her from school leading her to become home schooled. Sophia didn't have any friends around her neighborhood which lead her to be some what shy.Sophia's parents divorced when she was seven years old which left Sophia living with her mother intil her father told her she was was a magickal when she was eleven years old when she was visiting him. Not able to believe it her father showed her the same abilites she had and told her that her mom had the ability of seeing the future as well but kept it from her for she wanted her to have a normal life.

Family: Matthew Robinson(father) Annabelle Robinson(mother)

Relationships: (Friends and dating)
Sophia Robinson
Sophia Robinson

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