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Post by Moira De LaMour on Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:45 am

Moira de LaMour Avril-10
Full Name:Moira de LaMour
Sex:Very much. Oh erm..female...
Age: 650 years, looks roughly 20
Species: Vampire

-lush, rich things
-hot men
-hot women

-dirty things
-overthinking things
-being underestimated

At her 650 years of age Moira is skilled in the arts of seduction and pleasure. Born into a rich, powerful family she not only knows luxury, but has seen war, peace, luxury, poverty, hunger, fullness, everything. She isnt perfect, far from it, she tends to have a motherly side in her and it can get quite annoying.
She was turned on her twentieth birthday, when her fiance stabbed her for finding out about his affair. A vampire named Gloria saw her lying on the street, dying and turned her. She later confessed that she had thought her so beautiful that she couldnt leave her to die like that.
They lived together for three hundred years until a werewolf killed Gloria in front of her.

After that she became the person she is today, seducing, dark, bitter, sarcastic and cruel. Though her true nature is kinder, gentler and sweet. That side of her comes out at times when she┬┤d rather it not. She roamed the world to forget her pain.

She spent the past ten years in Spain with a young spanish royal, about twenty years old, first as his teacher then as his lover. The two were actually completely in love and he loved her, though he knew that while he would age, she would live on.

Not wanting him to endure that pain and not wanting to inflict controversies in herself...she left him.
Shorty upon her departure, she heard of his engagement to a mortal girl. It broke her heart.
Full of pain, sorrow and veneance she got her revenge by killing the girl and draining her.
Leaving her grieving ex-lover for good she came here to escape her own heartache and resumed her single life, returning to the place of her birth.
She has sworn to never be attracted to a mortal again.

Birth mother- Laurencia De Lioncourt
birthfather- Jean de LaMour

Relationships: (Friends and dating)
Moira De LaMour
Moira De LaMour

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