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Post by Moira De LaMour on Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:08 pm

Moira approached the manor of her mortal life with a sceptical eye.
She had adored it in life, but in the limbo she was in, she didnt care about it.
She opened the door and sniffed.
Ugh. Ew.
She waved her hand and servants immedietly began cleaning.
When the master bedroom was finished she entered it and then sighed.
She slashed the curtains with her sharp nails and let the moonight shine in.
Her lips curved to a smile as she jumped out of the window, gracefully landing on the ground, her crimson dress moving with her body.

It might have been victorian but it reminded her of good times so she loved to wear it.
And coming home seemed like the perfect occasion.
She sensed another presence.
Feeling her fangs sharpen she purred, "I know you´re there..." she was in a playful mood tonight.
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