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Seraphina Leverett, 18 Empty Seraphina Leverett, 18

Post by Kestrel Jadmine on Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:35 pm

Full Name: Seraphina Marti Leverett.
Nickname: Marti, Sera, anything that sounds remotely like her name, she will answer too.
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Species: Vampire

- Tall, funny men. It's got something to do with the fact that she loves being babied and held. Basically what every girl likes, but Seraphina likes to be treasured by men, like she's a prize. And she just loves to laugh.
- Pain. Seraphina loves pain. Maybe it's the fact that vampires are born from pain and blood, but whatever it is, Seraphina loves every aspect of it. She loves seeing the blood, she loves the adrenaline rush, she loves receiving and giving pain. Some would say that she's a masochistic girl.
- Music. It's one thing that never changes, and you can always relate to it in some way. It's a denominator in Seraphina's life.
- Feathers. Their soft, fluffy, and you can do so many things with them.
- The ocean. It's one thing bigger than anything else she knows. It will never go away, it will never cease to exist, it's really the only reliable thing in her life. And theres so much of it to be discovered, that Sera can't help but be interested. She is quite the curious person.

- Hate. She absolutely hates it when someone goes out of their way to be mean, although she does it sometimes. You could say she's a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to hate and love.
- Allergies. Seraphina has them. She's allergic to cats, dogs, pollen, dust, feathers (although she loves them), and outdoors basically.. even though she tries to get as much of the great out doors as she can.

History: Seraphina grew up in Alabama, but she moved all over the place, due to her father's job, which he wasn't allowed to talk about. It wasn't too soon that her father got offered a bigger job, in Australia. Sera was delighted, seeing as Australia had been her obsession. She, her father and her mother all moved into a nice two story house with a view of the ocean. It was Seraphina's dream. But her father still hadn't told her and her mother how dangerous his job was. One night, three people broke in. All three tall, all three beautiful, and all three armed with a shiny, pointy, long pair of canines. The vampires drained Sera's mother and father dry, while she watched. Then they turned on her. A dispute broke out. She was so young, she was so beautiful, it would be a shame to let her die. So they changed her.

The last thing she remembers was the feel of warm mouth on her neck. And when she woke up, one vampire was there with some unfortunate soul in his arms. Sera feed, and followed the vampires that had changed her. They took her all over the world, explained that her parents had cheated them, and told her that they were her new family. But soon, werewolves caught up with Sera and the group. The other vampires fancied their lives, and offered Sera up as an offering. The werewolves were displeased, and while they were tearing her creators limb from limb, she fled, and after a few nights of hitch hiking, and feeding, she found herself in Chicago, the center of the Immortal Universe.

Family: Everett Leverett & Lily Leverett.

Relationships: (Friends and dating)

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