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Post by Katalise Blackly on Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:50 pm

Full Name: Katalise Blackly
Nickname: Kat/Lise
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Species: Werewolf

- Taking care of her little sister
- Fighting/training
- Learning new talents
- Running
- Woods/Forests
- Being alone

- Vampires
- People who think she's not equal
- School [She just graduated]

She's never been thought of as equal by the people around her due to the fact she's a half-breed. Her mother is a Wereleopard and her father is a Werewolf, they were both rogues. She's only a Werewolf, can't turn into a Wereleopard and doesn't think of herself as a wereleopard at all. She and her sister live in the manor, not with their parents. Many people don't trust her or think she's equal or good enough because of shes a half-breed. She doesn't quite enjoy time with her mother and father because she doesn't like them and blames them for her getting hate. She acts as if her sister was her own and keeps her sister under her wing. She left her parents when she was 15 and her sister was 5, her sister coming with her.
Mom: Katherine (Wereleopard)
Dad: James (Werewolf)
Sister: Anna (Werewolf)
Brother: Lex (Wereleopard)
None. She cut off a lot of friendship when she left.
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