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I'm home!! Empty I'm home!!

Post by Katalise Blackly on Fri Nov 18, 2011 6:33 pm

Katalise thudded her fingers against her leg as she reached the manor. She ran her finger over the door's grains before she pushed it open. She'd left for almost a year ago. She couldn't wait to see her little sister, Anna. She'd left Anna in the care of the pack. Katalise opened the door and breathed in deeply, taken in all the scents she'd missed. She pushed back her dark hair and glanced around the manor as she did.

"I'm home." She murmured. Like any wolf, she was glad to be back in her den. She was back baring a scar along her left arm from a fight with a vampire. She'd won but came back with scars.

"I'm home!" She called, maybe someone missed her...
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