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Post by Alastair Evans on Sat May 21, 2011 5:34 am

Alastair Evans, 17 Jake-abel-i-am-number-four
Full Name: Alastair James Evans
Nickname: *Insertnicknamesinventedhere*
Sex: Male
Age: Looks 17, is actually 284 (A fairly young vampire really)
Species: Vampire

-Blood and violence.
-The colours red, green, and blue.
-Sharp things.

-The other species.
-Those who question too much.

History: Alastair was turned when he was seventeen years old, most would consider it negative, and he never had long enough to enjoy his human life, yet he considers it a blessing in most ways, he'd rather live like this than as a normal human. He's fairly warlike, and can be quick to anger. Due to the hundreds of years he's lived, he's become much more uncaring when it comes to concepts such as death, and is more than happy to end a good few lives himself, especially of those who fall into his traps.

Stacey Evans (neé Jones) Mother, 38, deceased.
Neil Evans, Father, 43, deceased.

Relationships: Not quite something that he will keep common knowledge.
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