Leander Asmodeus, 28

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Leander Asmodeus, 28

Post by Leander Asmodeus on Mon May 23, 2011 12:05 pm

Full Name: Leander Asmodeus
Nickname: Andy
Sex: Male (Incubus)
Age: 28
Species: Demon

- Sex (Asmodeus, the demon of lust), the Art of seduction and pleasure-giving, Love
- Literature, Art, Theater, Innuendos
- Indirect, psychological torture, Manipulation

- Not being able to go one day without sex
- Human sustenance, everyone in Heaven, including capital H-I-M
- Boredom

One of the Seven Scions of Darkness, Harbringer of the sin Lust,
manifesto of the other six miscreants, Asmodeus, who
took the mortal name Leander, fell to the Earth a few eons ( a few
seconds in Heaven) after Lucifer lost his light. He too challenged God,
and was condemned to his unholy prison in Inferno. His manifestations
appear everywhere, but the human body Leander is the most stable and

Family: -

Relationships: -
Leander Asmodeus
Leander Asmodeus

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