Diego Nyran, 21.

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Diego Nyran, 21. Empty Diego Nyran, 21.

Post by Diego Nyran on Tue May 24, 2011 8:46 am

Full Name:
Diego Jason Nyran





- Humans.
- Feeding.
- Sex.
- Being an individual, following one leader, assassinating.

- Werewolves.
- Bad blood.
- Being late for work.
- Women that fling themselves at him.


Diego was your average kid, he went to school everyday and hardly wagged his classes. He was well loved amongst his peers and always strived to do his best, they didn't know his dark little secret. He was gay. He had loved his best mate for years, always in the shadows as he waited for the best opportunity to tell him. Diego had met up with Blake one morning, they were sitting in Starbucks having a coffee when Diego just told him. Blake took it well, all smiles about it and then they parted ways.

Diego was walking home with a stride in his step while Blake took the subway, while Diego was walking home the subway was blown up by a terrorist and Blake was killed. Diego swore to never love again and hasn't since the accident. He went to college, completing a farming course but he never used it. Diego was turned at age 21 by a rogue vampire and left to figure out what the hell happened on his own.

Since then, he's kept a low profile and never actually killed a human. He has only been a Vampire for almost 3 months, he was still a newborn.

Non - he was a foster child with the best care available.

Non - Had a lover, his best friend but he was killed in a subway accident.
Diego Nyran
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