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Post by Saskia Greene on Wed May 25, 2011 11:23 am

Full Name: Saskia Vasheti Vasilev
Alias: Saskia Greene
Nickname: Any
Sex: Female
Age: 304 (19)
Species: Vampire

- The blood of blonde women
- Hearing people scream
- Running


- Sunlight
- Digital Clocks
- Unclean hair
- Werewolves

History: A nineteen year old Saskia Vasilev left her home near the village of Dedovsk, with every intention of returning after she had walked to the next town over for her religious meeting. She went every Saturday night, and would walk the seven miles there and back alone. Sometimes she would take her younger siblings, but the Saturday that she was turned, it was only her. The vampire that changed her into a creature of the night was desperate for blood and a lone woman was perfect. Saskia cannot remember the female vampire's face, but remembered waking up thirsty and alone.

Having read of such beings and seeing them as evil herself, she knew that there was no way that she could return to her family. So she ran, drinking from young women that happened to be out alone just as she was. She lived around Russia for a century, keeping hidden and blending in. In time, her escape from her home land became possible, easy even. Saskia paid the fair to ride in a boat from Russia to America, changing her surname from the obvious Russian to Greene. More recently, the young vampire came across the group in Chicago, lead by Annalise Roth. She joined them, thankful for a place where she fit. A new family.

Family: Mother - Veronika Vasilev Father - Alik Vasilev
Siblings - Anzhelika, Vasily, Mikhail

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