Demetrius Surilie, 22

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Demetrius Surilie, 22

Post by Demetrius Surilie on Thu May 26, 2011 5:00 pm

Full Name: Demitrius Marcus Surilie
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Species: Demon

- Following Orders, knowing he has a good leader (Which Leander obviously is Very Happy) doing tasks well.
- Playing games with humans and/or vampires. (Gruesome games of death that is... More the vampires though.)
- Literature, Ancient architecture, Men, Women, Blood.

- Vampires, he has a slight dislike of other species, but vampires disgust him.
- Those who consider demons beings of pure evil when they have their good sides.
- Extremely hot external temperatures, extremely bright lights.

Demetrius was born to Katherine (Demon) and William (Angel), with his mother dying shortly after his birth. He was created as a demon, and was admittedly slightly annoyed by the fact at first, but he began to grow into it, and now believes that the existence is much better, and finds the life of an angel a much worse one.

Family: Katherine Surilie (neƩ Green) 52, Mother, Deceased.
William Surilie, 54, Father.

Relationships: (Friends and dating)
Demetrius Surilie
Demetrius Surilie

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