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Ollie Fitzgerald, 18 Empty Ollie Fitzgerald, 18

Post by Ollie Fitzgerald on Mon May 30, 2011 2:48 am

Full Name: Oliver Fitzgerald
Nickname: Ollie
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Species: Wereleopard

- Baseball, Video Games, TV and Surfing The Web
- Exercise and Outdoor Activities, Adventure, Cars and Motorcycles, Watching Sports
- Spaghetti (or any pasta), Fruit Shakes, Coffee

- Laying around with Nothing to Do, Boredom, Feeling Caged or Trapped, Closed Spaces( Claustrophobia)
- Being Told What to Do, Dogs, Vegetables
- School and Academics, His Parents


Ollie was born into a perfect life. His subtle good looks and athleticism garnered him a prime spot as one of the most popular kids in CSI. He was captain and first pitcher in the baseball team, and he had rich parents. Rich parents he would gladly trade for attentive, caring ones, and fame he'd rather trade for solitude and normalcy. People asked his opinions about anything, even those he has no clue about, and sought advice from him even know he doesn't have the slightest idea on what to do.

Then one day, taking a different jogging route through a slightly covered forest, he was attacked by a creature. That night under a full moon he first transformed, and stormed out of his house.

He now lives under the shadows, at the other side of town, not knowing what the hell he turned into, and desperately fighting new urges and instincts pushing him.

Family: Robert and Lindana

Relationships: -
Ollie Fitzgerald
Ollie Fitzgerald

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