Ethan Ashleaf, 18

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Ethan Ashleaf, 18

Post by Ethan Ashleaf on Mon May 23, 2011 12:43 pm

Full Name: Ethan Jayden Ashleaf
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Species: Demon

- Torture, burning, destruction.
- Shoving the harshness of reality into others faces at times.
- Completing tasks successfully and using his abilities well.

- People who believe the world is all sugary light and goodness, or wish to see it that way.
- Those who ignore leadership, along with those who live without burdens (He happily gives them a few however.)
- Being caught, failing to keep up to standards, being bettered by someone lesser than him.

History: Ethan was born to an Angel Mother and Demon father, and whenever he would talk or come into contact with his mother, Ethan would often want to hurt her. She seemed to always have an over-positive view of the world, taking in all the good but none of the evil. He was thankful when he was a demon rather than an angel, and he agreed that it suited his personality better. He pushes himself as best he can in order to aid the demon order, and he believes that their current leader, Leander, will be their saving grace in the battle and bring Demons to victory. He often takes tasks upon himself to further the importance of his race, but does it all for reasons that he does not explain. (He is not sure of the reasons himself.)

Jason Anthony Ashleaf- Father (Demon)
Cassandra Katherine Ashleaf (nee Carter) {Mother}

Ethan Ashleaf
Ethan Ashleaf

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