Lucas Raine, 24

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Lucas Raine, 24

Post by Lucas Raine on Mon May 23, 2011 1:15 am

Full Name:Lucas Castiel Raine
Nickname: Luke
Sex: male
Age: 24
Species: Demon

-rainy days
-Melody Lumiére
-spending time with his family

- fighting and arguing
-people who judge others
-anyone who hurts his family especially his little sister Cassidy
Lucas Castiel Raine was born by Castiel and Monica Raine on May 31st on a hot and summer day. Lucas is the Oldest out of the Raine siblings. Lucas and his brother Gabriel are the only ones that took after there mother by being a demon but he looks just like his father and acts like him. When Lucas was little his mother got killed while fighting in battle but he knew she was very brave. Like Cassidy Lucas as well as the Raine family know Melody Lumiére who is best friends with his little sister Cassidy who he's really close to but he developed a small crush on Melody.
Family: father-Castiel Raine(Angel)
mother-Moncia Raine(died in battle when he was young and was demon)
brother-Gabriel Raine(21 demon)
brother-Andrew Raine(22 angel)
sister-Cassidy Raine(19 angel)
Relationships: Melody Lumiére-childhood friend
Lucas Raine
Lucas Raine

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